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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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vote in america. the news continues next live from doha. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello there, welcome to the news hour i'm shiulie ghosh in doha. america's most wanted the hate crime gunman who is suspected of shooting nine people in a church bible class. >> each person is a tragic story. >> the number of people displaced by war and persecution hits a record high of 60
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million. >> and pope francis pushes for a cultural revolution. ♪ the man who shot dead nine people in a church in the u.s. has been identified as 21-year-old dillon roof. police have released his picture. erika wood has more. >> reporter: people were holding a nighttime prayer meeting when police say a loan gunman opened fire. >> we are looking for a white male approximately 21 years old, sandy blond hair, and he obviously is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: police released these photos of the suspect.
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they said he had been in the church for about an hour with the worshippers before he started shooting. >> i do believe this was hate crime. >> the only reason someone can walk into church and shoot people praying is out of hate. the only reason. >> reporter: and on the street people have voiced their anger about what appears to be yet another attack on the united states black community. >> people are scared to talk about the real issue which is race. we don't want to talk about these issues and they are here. people dislike other people simply by the color of their skin and that's bad. >> reporter: there has been a string of violence in recent months including a video showing police brutality at a party. but community leaders have
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stressed this must be a time to unite. >> we stand in solidarity and we all solicit your prayers for the family members. >> reporter: jeb bush was due to appear in charleston on thursday but canceled because of the shooting. on twitter he said: >> and hillary clinton also tweeted: >> where do we go from here in >> reporter: while people gather in solidarity for the victims and to voice the anger at the crime, police admit they have no idea where the killer is. local, state, and federal resources, including the fbi have been called in to help in the manhunt. >> let's speak to alan fisher from washington, d.c. now. more information emerging about the suspect.
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we have now been given a name. >> yes, named by the fbi. clearly he didn't attempt to hide his identity. he must have known that most of these buildings have cctv and he sat with the conga congaconga conga -- congregation. they have also identified his car, so we have massive manhunt looking for this man and this car. we have also found a picture of him on facebook and it's a picture where he is posing in a jacket which also bares the flag of apartheid south africa so all of this will build into the profile for the fbi to try to find out who he is and what his motives were behind this attack. >> are we getting anymore on the victims and how the community is coping with the tragedy in
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>> clearly the community believes that this is part of the growing symptom of the afghan american community in the united states not being treated the way it should be treated. although it would be hard to take this one incident and make that about everything that is going on in the united states at the moment. but clearly there is deep-seeded anger in the community. but the police and the fbi are trying to find out exactly what the motive is behind this although given the picture with south african flag and he said some things to the congregation before he started firing then clearly there is a motive behind this. but this means that at some point in the near future the united states is going to have to start opening a debate about the real state of race in the united states. and also there will be questions too about mental health what can be done to stop these sort
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of things from happening. the fact that the united states isn't going to change its gun laws any time soon so perhaps the question is how to do you restrict access to weapons from people who are disturbed. >> thanks for that. we are waiting to hear from loretta lynch, but for the moment, thanks for that. new evidence has emerged of chlorine gas attacks in syria. it has come from doctors who have worked there and have been testifying before the u.s. congress. they say bashar al-assad's government is carrying out the attacks with devastating consequences. kimberly halkett reports. >> reporter: they came to share eyewitness accounted of repeated chlorine gas attacks.
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>> we have documented 31 attacks using poisonous gas in idlib province where more than 380 syrian civilians were injured by it. ten of them were -- died of suffocation. >> reporter: providing additional video evidence the doctors told lawmakers the attacks intensified ten days after a u.n. security council resolution condemned the use of chlorine and threatened military action if the resolution was breached. >> i'm a doctor and i am very familiar with death, but i have never seen a more obscene way to kill children. >> reporter: the doctors say only the syrian government has access to the helicopters responsible for dropping the chlorine-filled barrels on to civilian areas it believes are supportive of the syrian
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opposition. still bashar al-assad has always maintained his government is not behind the chlorine gas attacked. last month in a u.s. tv network interview, he argued that chlorine is widely available and has been weaponized in the past by other groups. including the islamic state of iraq and the levant or isil. but u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that the united states believes assad is behind the attacks and is working to hold him accountable. that's why doctors and activists are pressuring u.s. lawmakers to push president obama into targeted military action to pressure political dialogue that would lead to the creation of a no-fly zone to stop the weapons from dropping. >> they take dozens of innocent lives every day. >> reporter: they say without an immediate u.s.-lead
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international effort there is little hope for civilian safety. about 60 million people worldwide were displaced by war and persecution at the end of last year that's the highest number ever recorded. 8.3 million had to flee in 2014 alone. the continuing conflict in syria is seen as a major factor for that. that's roughly 142 people having to abandon their homes every day. turkey now hosts just under 1.6 million refugees. that's 11% of the world's displaced people and that's more than any other country in the world. since the fighting began in 2011, nearly 3.9 people have
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been forced out of the country. >> u.n. agencies ngo's, the red cross society, we do no longer have the capacity and resources to respond to such a dramatic increase in humanitarian needs in the world. countries are showing an enormous solidarity with the people fleeing, and they need financial support, because they are having a dramatic impact in their economies and societies. >> bernard smith is near the turkey syria border. >> reporter: turkey is now overtaken, pakistan has become the largest refugee-hosting country, almost 1.7 million syrian refugees are now in turkey, most of them living amidst the turkish community, along the border between syria and turkey. around 350,000 are in turkish-government provided
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refugee camps. we're now in the fifth year of syria's civil war, and the turkish government says it has spent $5.2 billion providing for and managing the syrian refugee situation. it says it is still not getting anything like enough help from the international community particularly the european union. it wants them to take more refugees. and while the camps provide good accommodation, people are fed, there is education for children many of the refugees will tell you their lives are in limbo. they want to be able to settle. they realize it is going to be a long time before they can go back to syria, but work is very difficult to find. they need a sense of permanence. ♪ attorney general loretta lynch is addressing the south carolina shooting. the justice department has opened a hate crime investigation.
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let's listen in. >> acts like this one have no place in our country and no place in a civilized society. and i want to be clear, the individuals will be found and will face justice. as we move forward in this matter, my thoughts and prayers and those of our entire law enforcement community, here at the department of justice and around the country are with the families and loved ones of the victims in charleston. i want everyone in charleston and everyone who has been affected by this tragedy to know, with we will do everything in our power to help heal this community. i encourage the people to continue circulating the photos of the alleged perpetrator, and report any tip, no matter how small, how miner to the tip
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line. and now today's announcement, today i am joined by secretary from the department of health and human services direct of the of the fbi, assistant attorney general of the criminal division, and deputy and director of the centers for medicare and medicaid services. we are here today to announce a major advance in the federal government's fight against fraud in our nation's healthcare system. over the last three days as part of a coordinated nationwide takedown, the medicare strike force, a joint initiative comprising federal, state, and local investigators and law enforcement officials from across the country, joined with several additional u.s.
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attorney's offices in unveiling charges against 243 defendants for their alleged participation in medicare fraud schemes involving approximately $712 million. this is the largest takedown in the strike force's eight-year history. it is the largest takedown in the history of the department of justice, and adds to an all ready remarkable takedown. they billed for equipment that wasn't provided for care that wasn't needed and for services that were not rendered. in one of the more egregious allegations of exploitation of
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the medicare system and vulnerable patients in miami, they billed for intensive psychotherapy sessions that resulted in 10s of millions of dollars to the doctors based on treatment that was nothing more than moving patients to different locations. some of these patients were unable to communicate with their supposed caregivers or therapists. further, nearly 50 of the defendants are charged with fraud relating to the medicare prescription drug benefit program known as part d, which is the fastest-growing component of the medicare program overall. one owner of a healthcare provider received $1.6 million for medicare part d for prescription drugs the provider never purchased or dispensed. another doctor in the eastern
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district of michigan is alleged to have prescribed unnecessary narcotic pain medications for patients in exchange for the use of their information to generate false billings. patients who attempted to withdraw from the scheme were threatened with a loss of access to their prescription narcotics. having deepened the addiction, the doctors used that addiction to keep patients bound to their scheme. today's action represents the first large-scale focus on medicare part d fraud. and demonstrates expanded focus on this issue. the charges we are announcing today are the culmination of a truly national effort involving approximately 900 law enforcement personnel acting in concert to execute a set of highly complex and highly coordinated law enforce activities stretching across the
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country from florida to alaska. this takedown like those before it would not have been possible without the key partnerships forged by the strike force in the last eight years among federal, state, and local officials, and the joint initiative known as the healthcare fraud preskrengs and enforcement action team or heat that was launched in 2009. as a result of strike force operation since 2007 we have filed charges against more than 2300 individuals, accounting for over $7 billion in medicare losses. this is a crucial part of the department of justice healthcare fraud enforcement efforts, which include the recovery of a total of $15.3 billion through false claims act cases in cases involving fraud against federal healthcare programs since 2009. now these are truly extraordinary figures and
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reflect our commitment to safeguard precious public resources, to rid our healthcare systems of fraud and abuse, and sustain the integrity of programs that are essential to the public well ware. we will continue our focus on preventing wrongdoing and prosecuting those who's criminal activity drives up cost and accept diezs the system citizens trust with their lives. i am determined to continue working with our federal, state, and local partners to bring about the vital progress that all americans deserve. i want to thank all of the law enforcement officials who were part of the team that made this sweeping takedown possible. their efforts enabled us to move quickly and aggressively, and their collaboration will be a model for us going forward. at this time i would like to turn the podium over to secretary burrwell who has been
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a dedicated leader -- >> that is our nation's attorney general who just made an announcement about medicare fraud. earlier she started off by talking about the charleston shooting. nine people have died in that shooting and she said it was heart breaking and dastardly. the fbi has identified the suspect, a man named 21-year-old dylan roof. and police say he sat with the group for about an hour before he began shooting killing nine people including the pastor. >> reporter: reports of gunfire at the this church at 9:05 wednesday night brought police racing to a grizzly scene. >> initially identified eight victims decide of the church that had suffered gunshot wounds. earlier we told you that there were two victims that were
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transported to musc. there was actually one victim that was transported to musc and that individual is deceased as well. >> reporter: confirmed among the dead was the church pastor he was also a democrat police senator who campaigned for police body cameras. >> the loss of the senator is just a great loss to the community, along with all of the others. >> reporter: earlier police summoned the media, seeking help in identifying the main suspect. >> as you will see, he has on a very distinctive sweatshirt and the vehicle has a very distinctive front license plate. >> reporter: the police chief and the mayor say they believe this is a hate crime.
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>> this is unfathomable and unspeakable act. somebody filled with hate and -- and with a deranged mind. >> reporter: overnight officers blocked off streets and warned people to stay in doors or away from the downtown area as the search for the shooter went on by ground and by air. >> these people were in church. in church! and they violated the sangctity of that. >> reporter: they have no doubt that race played a role in this tragedy. >> it's obvious. it's obvious! >> you got a white guy going into an african american church i mean that's choice. joining us from washington is mike viqueira now. mike, let's first talk about the department of justice's investigation.
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they have said they are opening investigation into hate crimes. >> reporter: yeah as we just heard from those people reacting in south carolina, obvious that there are racial overtones here. the suspect all righted to have been wearing the insignia of apartheid in south africa. the department of justice is going to be opening a hate crime investigation, as well as obviously an ongoing criminal investigation and a massive manhunt now underway suring for that 21-year-old suspect. we expect to see president obama, who had a trip scheduled for california, that is still on schedule, but before he leaves we expect to see the president appear in the white house briefing room just behind me to make a statement. this is a grimly familiar thing,
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now, the president appearing after this now the 21st mass killing of his administration. yesterday there was a ceremony attended by president obama loretta lynch is new on the job, and she says we are doing everything to help heal the community, and she encourages anyone who has information to call the tip line and keep circulating the photos. the justice department opening a hate crime investigation, the fbi and federal law enforcement all over this shooting that happened late yet in south carolina attorney general lynch appearing before reporters for a different kind of announcement but presearching our remarks is asking for help from anyone who has any information. and we'll hear directly from the president of the united states to get his thoughts to this massacre that happened in south
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carolina. >> a massacre which local authorities believe is a hate crime. this would be a mass hate crime, the likes of which we have not seen in recent memory if that indeed is what it is. give us the context to this. because to the african american community in this country, this is seen as simply another attack on their community. >> obviously, and it comes on the heels of so much unrest michael brown in ferguson the unrest we have seen recently in baltimore as well this obviously on a magnitude much greater than that a racially motivated attack inside a sacred place of the sanctuary of this black church in charleston south carolina it's a an historic setting in the deep south. this is obviously a very unsettling experience. the president talking about some of the other -- you know the other tragedies that he -- he
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has seen and we have all witnessed over the course of his administration, not that there's a correlation, but over the course of the last six years santa barbara, perhaps most notorious to this point the sandy hook shooting. the president said that american society is not willing to take the basic steps necessary, he is speaking of renewed vigor for gun laws simply not there in the congress as we saw after sandy hook saying that is his biggest frustration. >> the suspect dillon roos's wrinkle said he was given the gun as a birthday present. we're pucking up his picture now. he prayed with the
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congratulations for an hour before opening fire. gun control, after sandy hook so many calls for gun control, would you expect the president may bring that up again? >> reporter: i do think we'll hear the president refer to it. you know politically as shocking as it may be for some people here it's a lost cause in this country, at least in this congress for the foreseeable future. if sandy hook did not change the minds and poignant and strident emotional lobbying personally by the families of those young children killed in that unspeakable event, traipsing the halls of congress to vote at least for an assault weapons ban, that couldn't even be done.
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the president, given the fact that -- as he terms it the fourth quarter of his presidency, i don't expect him to hold back. this is something he has pushed for quite vocally, and i would expect we would likely hear from the president to make an illusion to that. i think typically what happens, or the approach that is taken whe the president or anybody else speaks after this obviously first and foremost thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims. >> would you expect him to talk to the racial tension in this country? certainly that was expressed by several people i interviewed in charleston this morning? >> i that you will. as his administration has warn on again, this is a subject he has been willing to take on and
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speak out about more forcefully again. >> all right. an update on the story in charleston, nine people killed pretty late last night during a bible study. we'll have more right after the break.
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>> brittany menard's decision to take her own life last year. sparked a national debate. >> brittany didn't wan't to die the brain tumor was killing her, she simply took control over how that process would go. >> now see what her husband is doing to keep his promise to change "right to die" laws nationwide. america tonight this morning the search is resuming for a toddler who may have drown in flood waters in oklahoma. flash flood warnings are in place in numerous oklahoma counties has tropical depression bill is moving through the state. the storm indun dated eastern texas with some places getting up to a foot of water. >> reporter: flooded streets and roadways filled the small texas town after tropical depression bill made an unwelcome visit.
11:31 am
an afternoon flash flood warning was the latest blow to a town that saw passing storms go through the area. >> we experienced the last 24 hours, 9.5 inches of rain in that short period of time. >> at least a foot and a half higher. the water has gone down tremendously. >> reporter: a lifelong resident, rushed to his daughters house to rescue her and her family. so did they have to get out quickly in >> yes, when i got here i told my son-in-law i said look at my running boards on think truck. they got their clothes, about ten minutes they came back and i said now look at the water. he said oh god, we better hurry. >> reporter: luckily the flood waters narrowly missed their home but emotions ran deep.
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>> it's rough. it means a lot to everybody. of course my family is very important. >> reporter: down the road this yard has turned into a small lake. >> we could probably go fishing here. it is never this high. >> reporter: but it's nowhere near the devastation that instruct central texas seven weeks ago. more than a dozen people died during the deadly round of memorial day storms. this time no lives have been lost, but texas governor warned residents to continue to be vif vigilant. >> there could be potential tornados, people need to be on the alert about the possibility of rising water. people please do not drive into rising water. >> reporter: advise well-taken by residents like this who is hoping the worst is over. >> we don't know what it is going to do through the night.
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hopefully it's not as bad as it has been. okay. we have some breaking news to report to you on the shooting in charleston, south carolina. the sheriff of cleveland county in north carolina says that the suspect, has been apprehended and is in custody in shelby county north carolina. that is just west of charlotte north carolina. we're going to continue to stay on top of that story out of charleston as developments continue to come in. we're awaiting the president to speak soon as well as another press conference out of charleston, south carolina the scene of the crime. again, this man believed to have been caught in south carolina, cleveland county. he is the man believed to be responsible for the deaths of nine congregates of the historic church in charleston south carolina. in his annual message to the
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1.2 billion catholics in the world, pope francis is calling for swift action to rain in climate change. he tweeted this morning: and he decried what he called short-sided politics that stymies action. >> reporter: pope francis is not even pretending that this is a scientific treatment. what he is claiming in these 184 pages is that climate change has moral and ethical consequences as it is caused mainly as the scientists say by industrialized countries, but those who are suffering the consequences now the poor in poorer
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countries. while -- he says the industrialized nations have a moral obligation to address the issue. now let's bring in white house mike viqueira. mike, i know we're waiting for the president to speak. what else do we know at this point? >> as you mentioned, stephanie, there are reports that the suspect has been apprehended. local media reports in south carolina reports that the suspect has been apprehended, actually in north carolina now. we heard attorney general loretta lynch just moments ago taking the time to make that plea for members of the local community in the carolinas and beyond, to keep a look out, please pass along any information, any tips and in particular circulate photographs that were taken, including those
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that were taken as the suspect entered the church and in the immediate aftermath of the massacre that has happened in south carolina. so again to report local media reporting that the suspect has been apprehended. we are working to confirm that. >> and i just do have a little bit more information that i'm reading from the associated press on this suspect. dillon roost, 21 years old, apparently he has one drug case pending against him. before march when he was arrested on this drug charge he had no criminal record. and reuters reporting that they interviewed his uncle who says that when he turned 21, he received a gun from his father. the defendant of justice will be investigating this as a hate crime. is that pretty normal for this type of thing?
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>> it is. the department of justice has investigated whether or not in some of the other high profile cases with racial overtones, investigating whether there are racial motivations behind the police officers who shot and killed african american individuals. so this is something that the department of justice regularly looks at. i would say it generally takes more time for them to determine whether or not they will be launching a hate crime investigation. this is lightning speed, this incident happened in the 9:00 hour last night, and the department of justice working quickly to establish that. the fbi and federal law enforcement working in conjunction in what has been a massive manhunt, and investigation into this shooting. and to remind our viewers that president obama on his way out
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of town to california is going to be stopping in the briefing room to deliver his thoughts. obviously he is going to begin with the thoughts and prayers that go out to the victims and the families of the victims. >> okay. mike viqueira live for us at the white house. we are following the latest develops on the shooting in charleston, south carolina. stay with us for more. we'll be right back.
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>> my name is imran garda i am the host of third rail and you can find it on al jazeera america welcome back. we are following breaking news out of the carolinas. north carolina carolina authorities, the sheriff of cleveland county in north carolina is saying that they do
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have in custody the suspect in the shooting dylann roof 21 years old is in custody. authorities believe he is the one who opened fire at a church killing nine con gra grants. libby, i understand there is going to be a prayer held. >> the senator of south carolina is going to gather members for a prayer circle outside of the building here. but it has certainly been talked about today. we have heard members of congress reference it. the chaplain very black, gave an opening prayer which he has does and he ended that by saying that certainly people are
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praying for comfort for the families in. so what has happened is very close to people's thoughts and they are talking about it. we have heard from lindsey graham of south carolina also of course, a presidential candidate, offering up his prayers, and trying to make sure that the african american community in charleston south carolina are being supported by many around the country, especially those who can advocate to make sure that justice is served. >> there is also business happening in the house of representatives today, they are trying to revive the debate about fast-track. >> that's right. the vote will happen on fast-track authority. we do expect that to pass. democrats were able to block
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last week this from moving forward -- >> libby, i apologize, we are going to have to cut you up, because we are getting a live press conference now from i believe charleston. >> -- with that i am very very pleased to announce that we have made an arrest in this case. we have arrested dylann roof r-o-o-f, from lexington, south carolina. he was arrested in shelby north carolina during a traffic stop. at this time we have not only fbi ageing -- agents there, but city detectives preparing to fly to shelby to begin the interview process. this case could not have been cleared as quickly as it has been if it had not been for the
11:43 am
unparalleled cooperation of all of the agencies involved in this investigation. i cannot say how thankful i am and how appreciative i am of all of the people who came together during a very tragic situation, a horrific situation, and one that has touched the heart and soul of every person who lives in this community. and they have come together and some of them have worked tirelessly running down leads, some of them have been working with their agencies in various states. the cooperation we have received from the federal government as well as the state government, as been unparalleled, and i just want to make sure that i publicly thank all of my colleagues for the resources they brought, and also the men and women of the charleston police department and the charleston county sheriff's department who played vital
11:44 am
roles in this investigation. there is a lot to do in this case. we have a lot more investigation to do to find out why this happened. we have got a lot to do in terms of preparing this case for prosecution, but i can tell you the solicitor's office as well as the united states attorney's office has been in constant contact with us throughout the night, so again, i want to thank you for your vigilance, being here, i know we have had you here several times, and you have helped us get information out, and again, it's a partnership, working with you with law enforcement, and the community. and i want to thank these gentlemen on my right for their assistance during the investigation. right from the beginning, i know the elder came out and said we're together and that's what
11:45 am
this has been throughout the night. and i'm so pleased we were able to resolve this case quickly for our community, the families and the state and so nobody else is harmed by this individual who obviously committed a tragic heinous crime last night in the city of charleston. mayor? >> first of all i want to publicly come mend the chief, and the men and women of our police department. we understand that public safety is the first responsibility of the government. we invest substantially in the resources and quality of the men and women who work for our police department and there is not a better-lead police department in our country.
11:46 am
as the chief said we have had extraordinary cooperation from other law enforcement professionals, and when you have a chance to work on a difficult matter, and you see the skills and commitment to people who have dedicated their lives to law enforcement, it is so inspirational, and because of all of that work this very important news today is announced that that awful person, that terrible human being, who would go into a place of worship where people were praying, and kill them is now in custody, where he will always remain. it's important for everyone
11:47 am
wounded by this act, which are the church family members, the community members, and the people of america, for in this great country, we -- we hold sacred the places where people come and practice their faiths in safety and in peace, so the arrest of this awful man is important for -- for all of us in this community, and in our country, to begin the necessary process of our healing together. governor haley is here and she will speak in a minute. and i want to thank the governor for coming down to charleston, and support we have had from state law enforcement division from other -- as i mentioned
11:48 am
other law enforcement agencies and the fbi, the atf, the county it has been extraordinary. thank you, governor for your presence and interest and support. i also want to announce that i received a personal call from vice president biden. he knew senator and reverend, and was familiar with the emmanuel church and morris brown where we'll be in just a few minutes, and he himself, we all know has had a tragically sad time and he expressed heart-felt grief and offers of support. then i received a call from president obama, personally that -- that conveyed his sympathy, and -- and for the citizens of america to -- to let us know that they were with us in his offer to make any federal resources available.
11:49 am
i told the president that the fbi, the atf, and the federal resources and justice department have been extraordinary. a part of this healing process, we all need to help so we have created the mother emmanuel hope fund started with a $5,000 contribution from the city of charleston and the emmanuel -- mother emmanuel hope fund will be a vehicle for citizens in our community and around the country that want to do something to help, to contribute to that fund. obviously the wounds of the church and all of those who were killed and all of the expenses of funerals and all of the loss of families and so much more what -- what we have the opportunity to -- to help them and when we help them we also help their hearts because we all know when we're grieving that that hug, or that sign of
11:50 am
love or support is -- is a very important part of renourishing those injured, so people can drop checks off at welling far go. also you can mail checks to box 304 charleston so we will have a way that we all can help right away, not 24 hours even after this dastardly event, that the citizens in our community and country can help and positively respond, and then tomorrow evening, and we'll announce the time there will be a community prayer vigil, at the college of charleston arena, so we'll have a chance to come together in prayer and to -- to mourn the losses and to come
11:51 am
together as a community. time of that event tomorrow evening will be announced soon and we'll get you that out into the media, and i thank everyone who is here and as the chief said, to the media, we were able to arrest this awful person in shelby north carolina because we got the word out, and a good sign, wonderful sign that in america, you know, we don't let bad people like this get away with these dastardly deeds. thank you. governor? >> thank you, mr. mayor, and i want to certainly thank the mayor for his -- he has always had great leadership but during times of struggle he continues to step up even more and i continue to appreciate your friendship and partnership. i want to personally thank bishop norris with the ame church family. i spoke with him this morning.
11:52 am
even though he is in recovery he very much is in prayer and leadership, and has asked that we all come together for prayer vigil today at noon and we will do that but, you know, we woke up today . . . and the heart of soul of south carolina was broken. and we have grieving to do and we have got some pain we have got to get to. parents have got to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe. and that's not something we thought we would ever deal with. having said that we are a strong and faithful state. we love our state, our country, and most importantly, we love each other. there is a lot of prayer in this state, so you will see all of us try to lift these nine families up in prayer because they need
11:53 am
us. these nine families need us. the emmanuel ame church needs us, the ame church family needs us, and the people of south carolina need us to come together and be strong for what has happened. i want you to know the outpouring of emotion from across this country has been overwhelming, from presidential candidates to citizens who have just traveled through the state, to any person in any walk of life, every single person has had to put their -- put their feet in the shoes of one of those nine families today, and they all know what that felt like so with that where do we go from here? we allow ourselves to grieve. we allow ourselves to pray. we allow ourselves to question why this happened and then we allow ourselves to heal. so the healing process will start. we are so thankful to the chief
11:54 am
and his team approximate law enforcement, this fbi, with everybody that came together that refused to allow this to happen. i have never seen -- when we were going through the command center -- such passion and personal willingness to want to make thure they bring this person home. i want to personally thank the law enforcement community, because you have allowed us to start healing, and we can tell our children that that person is in custody, and we cannot only lift up our law enforce community who hasn't slept since this happened and give them the courage that they need. but south carolina has stepped up in a way that continues to make me proud. we're seeing love prayers, support and humility.
11:55 am
-- for that i will tell you it is a very very sad day in south carolina. but it is a day that we'll get through, and remember and allow us to get stronger. thank you. >> okay. we'll take a few questions starting from the right. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] traffic stop initiated [ inaudible ]? >> he was stopped because a citizen alerted law enforcement to a suspicious activity and law enforcement went out, and they knew once they arrived that it was the individual we were looking for. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> he was cooperative. >> reporter: were there any weapons found in the vehicle? >> we're not going to talk about that right now. thank you. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> we're not going to talk about that right now either.
11:56 am
>> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> no, ma'am, we're not going to talk about -- >> okay. you just heard several people speak at that press conference in charleston south carolina including the governor nicky haley who became emotional when she said we woke up this morning and the heart of south carolina was broken. they have arrested a suspect, and it is believed to be dylann roof a 21-year-old, he was apprehended just 12 hours after the massacre of nine people in the church in south carolina which is about 140 miles south of where the suspect was arrested. we heard from the mayor there, who earlier commented to the media, quote, that there are too many guns out there. right now we know that charleston authorities are headed to north carolina to pick up the suspect.
11:57 am
we also know the department of justice has launched a hate crimes investigation. i want to bring in our white house correspondent mike viqueira right now. mike we are waiting for president obama to come out and speak to this. >> that's right. and it's a grimly familiar [ inaudible ] here at the white house, the president reacting to a mass shooting, this one certainly ranking near the top thus far. the president will stop and offer his thoughts and prayers without a doubt, stephanie. >> we have talked a lot about police shootings of african american men, is there a sense that this is -- actually mike we have to take a break here. we are awaiting president obama to come out and speak to the shooting in charleston. we'll be right back.
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police say suspect, dylann roof has been arrested over the church shooting that killed nine people in south carolina. ♪ i'm lauren taylor this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. the u.n. says the number of people displaced by war and persecution has reached a record high of almost 60 million. up cert pores of yemen's go in exile throw shoes at houthis attending peace talks. pope francis wins prais